Download our *free* Daily To-Do List Motivator!

As communications professionals, we know that being organized can be one of our best attributes. However, your entire world can change in the blink of an eye, and items can be added and taken away from your to-do list at lightning speeds.

This is where our Daily To-Do List Motivator can help you!

Write 3 to 5 priorities every day. These are the things that absolutely cannot wait, under any circumstance (unless you have grace with yourself and deadlines!) Then, write down other items to do that day. Because we live and die by the RACE/ROPE/RPIE (Research/Planning/Implementation/Evaluation) process, we included it on our list! Write at least one way you have addressed each stage every day. Often, we rush to complete Planning and Implementation but don’t always give enough emphasis to Research and Evaluation.

We also love affirmations and keeping things positive, even on the most stressful days. So, include professional and personal items on the “I’m Grateful For” list! What are we thankful for? Our amazing members who create such a vibrant local community!

Get your free copy here. Print it, make it a fillable PDF, use it as inspiration for your own rendition! We hope you get value from this!


Kaylin R. Staten, APR

2019 PRSA-River Cities President

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